It doesn’t matter if you are building a photosharing app like Instagram or a simple todo app — you might just find out that you need to upload a file — image, pdf, docx, etc. This post will walk you through 2 simple methods of handling file uploads in an Express Nodejs app.

popular upload interface

One thing I love about Nodejs is that it allows us to use modules and packages by other developers to do most of our tasks. Uploading file is no different, there are three file upload modules I love especially, Multer, Multiparty and Formidable. …

you uploaded an apk that is not signed with the upload certificate

If you are here, then it’s most likely you have not done this before or you did but have forgotten. Don’t feel bad, we all have been there sometimes in the past.

So straight to why you are here, I believe you already have an unsigned .apk file. Next steps, open up your command prompt — I am using a Mac so it is called a terminal.

Next you need to use the keytool which should be already on your system if you have android studio installed. …

Crushing Feeling when you thought your job application was been rejected by a human but you realize it was actually by an ATS robot

We are not yet in the full blown Artificial intelligence era, nor has “Replicants” fully taken over human lives. But the robot revolution is just beginning and one area where robots have come to stay is in the recruitment industry.

Studies show that 95% of Fortune 500 Companies are using robots to screen the hundreds of applications they receive on a daily to weekly basis — and they are not alone, even small startups have joined the trend. These robots are called Applicant Tracking System (ATS). …

As a software developer, I am always short of time as there is always something to do — either reworking old codes to new releases or learning something new. So when a friend chats me up to say “hey Tim can you create a CV for me?”. It’s rude to to say “Yes I can, but I am not chanced”. So my reply is How soon do you need it?A week passes and the question drops again among my many unread chats. …

Joining an internship can be filled with a lot of mixed feelings? will I be able to be of help, will I learn? are my skills good enough? what if it gets too tough? And it does not help when you joined a remote internship a few hours to the deadline. What will you do when there are 3 tasks waiting for you and your only source of internet does not allow you to even enter the #slack channel where the instructions for the tasks are?

Well, Never give up is what they say or in full

“Winners Never Quit…

I have over 15 years experience as a ‘programmer’. And One thing i have observed is that no matter how experienced you are in any programming language, you still make ‘mistakes’ — there is always a mis-spelt variable or missing comma or brace etc.

One of the deciding factors for which programming language to use for me has always been the friendliness of the error reporting. Most compilers or interpreters try to be as helpful as possible. Pointing out why and what caused the error, which file and which line the error is etc.

However in life most people are…

I find it quite disturbing when people keep saying #Artificialintelligence will “take Over” human jobs. The proper thing to say is AI will enforce job changes just as every technological advancement has. When you look back there was nothing like database admin or software dev or network security a few years back… Now we talking #blockchain and #Cryptocurrency new job descriptions that never existed have come up, and there is a serious shortage of it. As one of my friend put it “AI will create millions of jobs while making others obsolete. To stay relevant, everyone employee has to retool.”

I remember in 2006 (two years after Facebook started and same year as twitter) when I had completed my first social networking platform for Nigerian universities called NaijaUnis. It took me two years to put it online for basically two reasons:

1. I did not have a valid ID that could enable me open a domiciliary Account so I could apply for a credit card to be able to pay for web hosting and

2. I needed a minimum of $100 which was the cost of getting the credit card.

Basically, the challenges have remained the same for Startups in…

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